Hassan Grup

Hassan Grup

Hassan group starts its journey in Turkish industry in 1939 by making a quilt (quilting). The fate of the company that manages the quilting by hand is evolving to a new way with the 2nd World War and when the Italian patties are brought to importation due to the war, the way of the ladies’ traders intersects with the Şişman brothers. Hasan Şişman, who is the first generation representative of the group, started to produce lap wig with all his hands in the conditions. In 1945, he took his first step on behalf of industrialization by taking the first comb machine. In 1965, the number of combs increased to 4 and production capacity increased to 500 kg per day.


In 1966, with an environmentally friendly approach, Turkish Industrial and Development Bank loan with a 300 kg / hour cap machine was taken from Austrian with the aim of bringing production by using textile waste, and bed felts production for big bed manufacturers was started.


When we came to 1969, Tofaş started to manufacture domestic automobiles and cooperated with Hassan to produce automobile seat parts in Turkey. With the training and know-how obtained from Fiat’s seat producer in Italy, Turkey’s first domestic automobile cradle from coconut tassel It is starting to produce with a staff of 20 people in two factories. After Tofaş, the company that has also reached an agreement with Renault has made important contributions to the sector as the biggest domestic seat producer of the automotive industry.


The company, which was named as Şiteks in 1977, continued to grow in bed market. In 1985, Hassan Textile was building its new factory in Hadımköy and expanded its product range by entering shoes and artificial leather sectors besides synthetic gas.


Havpas, which produces quilted and home textiles in 1988, started to produce domestic interlining in 1995 in Telasis Istanbul Hadımköy with the aim of creating an alternative to imported products in the 12.000 m2 closed area confection sector.


In 1995, he founded Catsis and re-entered the automotive market, which he had been away for a while. He started to produce and produce technical textiles for the automotive sector in its modern facilities. In the same year, Teksis, the foreign trade company, was established and the products produced in the Hassan group started to be exported to the world.


When we arrived in 2000s, Hassan Group of Companies becomes a group leading the industrialization of industry by producing nonwoven surfaces which are used in many sectors and making investments with more than 60 years of experience.


Having entered the hygiene and medical sector with its 7th company Pelsan in 2007, Hassan Group produces baby breathing films that can breath for the first time in Turkey and becomes one of the most important actors of this sector with its production capabilities and high volume.


Having established Merkas in 2011, HASSAN Group produces performance-enhancing nonwoven products for the hygiene, medical and ready-to-wear sectors. Today, with its closed production facilities exceeding 150,000 m2, more than 1000 employees and 3rd generation young management, nin continues to be the shining star.


Our company is committed to producing high quality reliable economic products in accordance with the wishes of our customers and delivering them on time and has formed the infrastructure suitable for this purpose with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificate.